Easy Grip Egg Shaker

Little ones will love the tactile feel the colorful painted bumps create while they are holding and shaking. Assorted colors....


Gentle hand motions create waves of color and clattering with the exotic rhythm instrument. Assorted colors. Ages 3 and up.

Luminote™ Guiro

The Luminote Guiro's creative design makes it comfortable to hold and easy to play. Its plastic body produces a wide variety ...

Luminote™ Agogo

Luminote's Agogos feature an innovative, ergonomic design that allows you to play samba-styled high and low percussion beats,...

Tone Drum

Solid wood tone drum with 3 tongues produces warm and appealing rhythms. Playing it is easy and enjoyable. You can use the ru...


Approximately 11" long with a full chromatic scale in low C, the flutophone is shaped like a clarinet with raised finger hole...