4" Triangle

These steel triangles produce a beautiful, high pitched ringing tone. With a new easy-to-hold wood handle, these triangles ar...

Plastic Kokoriko

Create a “domino effect” sound by moving the kokiriko in an alternating pattern. A great lesson in dexterity, as well as musi...

Wrist Bells, Blue

The Westco Wrist Bells feature four sleigh bells that are securely attached to a blue nylon wrist strap. The strap opens and ...

8 Note Glockenspiel

This easy to use 8-note glockenspiel has each note’s letter name on the bar. Accurately pitched with a diatonic range from c”...

Jumbo Egg Shakers

A classic, these brightly colored 2.5″ Jumbo Egg Shakers are enjoyable for children and adults. Sold in a pack of five.

Palm Jingle

The palm jingles are made out of plastic with reinforced pins holding the two sets of jingles in place. The jingles themselve...

16” Rainshaker

These clear plastic rain sticks are filled with colorful beads that cascade down the tube when turned upside d...