A must-have musical sound effect for the classroom or home! Tilt the rainstick up and down to hear rainfall. Vary the angle t...


A Helpful Musical Resource to Support STEAM Lessons!STEAM is an interdisciplinary approach to learning. The goal is to themat...

Remo® Hand Drum

This instrument was created specifically for Westco by Remo. It is an 8″ Renaissance style hand drum, with a unique graphic a...

Medium Guiro

Hand made in Mexico, no two guiros look or sound exactly alike! Guiros are an essential percussion instrument, and are played...

Global Travel Kit

Take your music with you! Head on the road with these unique instruments in a brightly colored, easy to carry bag designed to...

Angel 101 Recorder

These one-piece soprano recorders are the perfect choice for any student beginning to learn this wonderful instrument. Constr...


Gentle hand motions create waves of color and clattering with the exotic rhythm instrument. Assorted colors. Ages 3 and up.

Cluster Bells

A great instrument for a beginning musician, the one-piece plastic loop on this cluster bell securely holds three steel bells...

Luminote™ Guiro

The Luminote Guiro's creative design makes it comfortable to hold and easy to play. Its plastic body produces a wide variety ...

Tone Drum

Solid wood tone drum with 3 tongues produces warm and appealing rhythms. Playing it is easy and enjoyable. You can use the ru...