Blocks & Construction Play

Wooden Farm Blocks

Chunky wooden blocks which are color printed on both sides with real images of farm animals, farmers, scenery and a tractor. ...

Wooden Blocks

Colorful wooden blocks, natural and hand-painted. 50 wooden blocks in a cardboard barrel with handle. Ages 2+

Tri Mags™

Magnetic geometry for fun and creativity! A singlecube is made up of 24 large, easy-to-handle, colorful pyramids. Held togeth...

Treasure Blocks

What can we find today? Collect trinkets, natural materials and sensory objects to place in the beautiful Treasure Blocks. Sm...

Tecno Jumbo Toolbox

In the toolbox of Tecno Jumbo you find what you need to build a world made of trucks, bulldozers, cranes or whatever else com...

Tecno Jumbo

With Tecno Jumbo are enough hands, imagination and imagination. It contains everything you need to create a world of cars, he...